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Expected Water Temperature At The 2012 Olympics

The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2012 London Games will be held in the Serpentine, a man-made lake in Hyde Park.

The history of the Serpentine can be read here.

In anticipation of a great Olympic 10K Marathon Swim in 2012, we inquired about the expected water temperature in the Serpentine around the London Olympics dates. Adam Farrar, Head of Events, Filming & Cultural Activities of The Royal Parks, was extremely helpful and provided us with the average water temperature in the Serpentine recorded between 2003 - 2008 on the following dates (that correspond to the 2012 London Olympic schedule):

July 27 - 20.07˚C (68.1˚F)
July 28 - 19.88˚C (67.7˚F)
July 29 - 20.23˚C (68.4˚F)
July 30 - 19.97˚C (67.9˚F)
July 31 - 20.25˚C (68.4˚F)
August 1 - 20.15˚C (68.2˚F)
August 2 - 19.78˚C (67.6˚F)
August 3 - 19.80˚C (67.6˚F)
August 4 - 19.67˚C (67.4˚F)
August 5 - 20.07˚C (68.1˚F)
August 6 - 20.37˚C (68.6˚F)
August 7 - 20.63˚C (69.1˚F)
August 8 - 20.72˚C (69.2˚F)
August 9 - 20.88˚C (69.5˚F)
August 10 - 20.78˚C (69.4˚F)
August 11 - 20.72˚C (69.2˚F)
August 12 - 20.43˚C (68.7˚F)

At 19-20˚C (67-68˚F), the Olympic 10K swimmers should not be uncomfortable, albiet the water will be significantly cooler than the very warm waters the athletes experienced during the Beijing Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

As a frame of reference, the water temperature in the English Channel can be found here.

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