Friday, June 26, 2009

Long-Running Swim In Beautiful British Columbia

The 2.1K Across the Lake Swim in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia is coming up as it has since 1949. This year for the 61st annual swim, the Kelowna Masters Swim Club set a permanently measured 800-meter open water training course with buoys - each showing the distance covered - at Gyro Beach in Kelowna.

"I love [the Across the Lake Swim] because it truly encompasses the spirit of open water swimming by making sure everybody is having fun and is safe on the lake," said Dr. Biggi Weischedel.

"[The] spectacular scenery is even more amazing when you're out early on a morning in July, sun coming up and swimming straight across a lake with all boat traffic stopped for the swimmers on that morning and sharing that experience with hundreds of other swimmers."

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