Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mobile Open Water Swimming Alerts

The Pacific Open Water Challenge organizer offers free Mobile Open Water Swimming Alerts to anyone who signs up at Pacific Open Water Challenge.

The Mobile Open Water Alerts provides interesting insider information on open water swimming delivered daily to your mobile phone via text messages.

Last week, these are a few of the Mobile Open Water Alerts that were delivered:

Open Water Swimming Heroes: The top 10K swimmers are currently training in Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia) as they prepare for Beijing's heat & humidity.

Open Water Swimming Heroes: Time Magazine had 3 open water swimmers in its Top 100 Athletes to Watch in Beijing with Mark Warkentin, Vladimir Dyatchin, Natalie du Toit.

Beijing Olympics: Pollution is terrible at the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim venue according to first-hand reports. One can't see from one end to the other.

Racing Tips: Quote from an open water swimmer: "It's like swimming in a pack of piranhas with all the kicking, elbowing and scratches to prove it"

Beijing Olympics: Many Olympic 10K swimmers are training in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea in order to prepare for Beijing's heat and humidity

Open Water Heroes: Of the 25 athletes who will swim the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, there is one father (Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria) who qualified.

Open Water Heroes: Of the 25 athletes in the women's Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, there are 2 mothers entered (Edith van Dijk and Angela Maurer).

Open Water Heroes: Of the 50 athletes entered in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, only Petar Stoychev & Edith van Dijk have crossed the English Channel.

Races around the World: 7 Olympians who have collectively won 8 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals will compete in the 18K Fiji inter-island relay this week.

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Anonymous said...

About that post that Stoychev is the only fahter, thats not true. There are at least 3 fathers swimming :)

Steven Munatones said...

My sincere apologies! Who are the only fathers and what are the ages of their children (boys or girls)? This is a great thing to point out during the NBC Olympic coverage of the 10K marathon swims.

Anonymous said...

Gilles Rondy got father, I don´t know when, but he has a little kid. And Rostislav Vitek, he has a little girl. I don´t know the age.

Steven Munatones said...

Thank you very much for this great information.