Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest Weather Update from Olympic 10K Venue

According to US Rowing officials who are already down on the ground in Beijing, practicing twice daily at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing venue where the
Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be held, the Beijing pollution remains ubiquitous with the air thick and nasty.

They have never seen anything like it with nothing visible in the distance. The good news is that all the marathon swimmers are going to have to deal with the pollution, heat and humidity.

Photo of Chinese factory seen from hotel where US Rowing is staying.


Anonymous said...

steve-O... you blog to quickly for comments. great job on the website! you're setting expectations very high! thank you

Steven Munatones said...

There is simply too much to cover besides the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim that will be covered online and on TV by NBC. There are numerous great solo swims, relays, ocean races, lake swims and charity events to cover. I estimate that there are at least 450 events worldwide that are growing at least 10-15% annually in the number of participants. And, the Olympics will help this amazing growth in the sport.