Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unique Penalty For Wetsuits, But All For A Good Cause

The Cadiz Swim Series - where swimming for good is the goal - has a unique set of rules that govern wetsuit usage in its upcoming relay race this weekend:

· Wetsuit swimmers will receive a 1-minute time penalty for every 1K swam

The Cadiz Swim Series' Women's Day Swim is a 4K relay for 1-4 swimmers that must include at least one woman. Every relay team must swim 4K on a 500-meter course (around the buoy and back), but it is up to the team who swims when and how far (i.e., a 'freestyle relay').

All funds from the Women's Day Swim will benefit the Western Cape Cerebral Palsy Association.

Most swims in the Cadiz Swim Series are qualifiers for the Cadiz Freedom Swim 2010, an extremely tough cold-water ocean competition – a 7.5K race across the Robben Island Channel, known for its bitterly cold water (around 13˚C or 55˚F) and unpredictable currents.

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