Monday, January 11, 2010

Rogers At Home In The Water

Karen Rogers, whose 10 hour 50 minute 21.5-mile crossing of Lake Tahoe in California last August was nominated as one of the Great Open Water Swims of 2009, started off the new year with another first: a 14-mile cold-water swim from Richmond Bridge to Point Bonita in the northern San Francisco Bay.

Karen said after her 3 hour and 20 minute swim, "Started my swim by doing a flipturn off the Richmond Bridge. 14 miles in 50°F (10°C) water. I was asked to the prom by a few seals that played with me for miles and was escorted under the Golden Gate Bridge by dolphins. Ended at Point Bonita. 2010 off to a good start!"

Karen's explanation of her 2009 Lake Tahoe swim is here:

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