Thursday, January 7, 2010

FINA World Cup And Grand Prix 2010 Race Schedule

FINA announced a few revised changes to its combined 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup and Open Water Swimming Grand Prix calendar with the cancellation of the Copenhagen 10K World Cup and date change for the Sabac Grand Prix races.

The revised circuit dates, locations and distances are listed below:

15K Grand Prix in Rosario, Argentina on January 24th
10K World Cup in Santos, Brazil on January 31st
57K Grand Prix in Santa Fe, Argentina (see below) on January 31st
10K World Cup in Viedma, Argentina on February 6th
88K Grand Prix in Hernandarias-Parana, Argentina (see below) on February 7th
15K Grand Prix in Sumidero Canyon, Mexico on April 17th
36K Grand Prix in Capri-Napoli, Italy on June 10th
10K World Cup in Setubal, Portugal on June 26th
19K Grand Prix in Sabac, Serbia on July 11th
5K, 10K, 25K World Championships in Lac St-Jean on July 15th - 23rd
10K World Cup in Lac St-Jean on July 25th
32K Grand Prix in Lac St-Jean on July 31st
34K Grand Prix in Lac Memphremagog on August 7th
10K World Cup in Shantou, China on September 25th
10K World Cup in Hong Kong on October 3rd
10K World Cup in Cancun, Mexico on October 3rd
10K World Cup in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates on October 23rd
15K in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on October 27th
30K in Ohrid Lake, Macedonia on a date to be confirmed

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