Thursday, December 17, 2009

Colin Hill And The Top Women, Never Slowing Down

Colin Hill, a candidate for the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year, and the top open water swimmers in the world apparently do not know how to slow down. In between organizing the popular Great Swims, Colin took the time to swim the English Channel last summer.

Similarly, the world's top open water swimming women constantly travel the world and never stop competing hard against one another. The broadcast of the 2009 Great North Swim can be seen here. You can see a great race between the Olympic medalists here with gold medalist Larisa Ilchenko attempting to do her signature "Ilchenko Move" and world champion Keri-Anne Payne doing corkscrew turn around a buoy as well as an exciting finish in Lake Windermere.

This year, entries in the Great North Swim are on track to reach over 7,000 swimmers for the Great North Swim alone.

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