Saturday, September 5, 2009

Leading The Way Around Governors Island

Young athletes, competing under the traditional swimwear rules of NYC Swim, won the 2-mile Governors Island Swim in New York City yesterday.

15-year-old Ryan Turner won overall in 39:19 with 14-year-old Emma Otto-Moudry winning the women's field in 45:25. Christopher Monson (43:17) and Hannah Borgeson (48:02).

Two professional swimmers, Mathilde Sorenson of Denmark (38:55) and Andres Olvik of Estonia (38:53), won the overall race under the FINA rules of swimwear.

The pair will compete in Sunday's FINA-sanctioned NYC Pro Swim and got a good feel for the waters of New York Harbor.

The traditional NYC Swim swimwear rules mandate, "a traditional-style swim suit is one that is made of a porous material, is sleeveless, and is legless. Any suit that extends to the thighs or shoulders, reduces drag in the water, increases buoyancy, or improves heat-retention is considered non-traditional including the Speedo LZR Racer, Speedo Aquablade, Speedo FS II, Speedo Fastskin, TYR Aqua Shift, TYR Aquapel, TYR Fusion2, Nike Liftsuit, blue seventy zeropoint3 and suits with similar materials."

Photos of swimmers swimming off the Statue of Liberty and near the towering skyline of Manhattan were taken by Susan Egan.

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