Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Water Quality For The New York City Pro Swim

For years, the waters around Manhattan have had the reputation of being unsuitable for swimming. But, years of improved environmental standards and focused public and private attention have led to a remarkable change.

This is especially helpful and appreciated to all who do NYC Swim events around New York, especially those who will participate in this weekend's NYC Pro Swim.

This week, Beau Ranheim, a marine biologist who monitors water quality in New York Harbor for the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, took water samples at four permanent water quality monitoring standards around the course (see aerial photo above showing lower Manhattan Island and Governors Island where the NYC Pro Swim will be held).

The results show that the open waters of New York Harbor are fine nearly all the time - as over 14,000 people annually realize in various events in the New York area. Remarkably, even when it has rained (which raises the probabilities of pollutants fouling the waters) over the last two months, none of the sample test results have exceeded the water quality standards set by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, although minor issues may have existed near shore.

The water quality (bacteria) test results shown below were taken on Wednesday, September 2nd and reported to the FINA Medical Delegate. The readings are below the threshold for both entero and fecal, where the maximum parameters are 104 and 200 respectively.

Note: GI-1 is located at the northwest corner of Governors Island while G2, G3 and G4 are located near the other corners of the island.

GI-1: 60 fecal, E4 entero
GI-2: 36 fecal, 1 entero
GI-3: 15 fecal, 4 entero
GI-4: 23 fecal, <1 entero

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