Saturday, August 15, 2009

Whitfield Beats Olympians - Lurz Rolls On

Thomas Lurz continued his winning streak over a strong field by winning the Great London Swim, a wetsuit-compulsory 1-mile race in 21˚C water, but it was the women's field where Katy Whitfield upset a group of well-known pool and open water swimming Olympians.

Katy, a member of UK's national open water team, has gained experience on the international circuit, and saw her investment pay off at the Royal Victoria Dock.

Katy swam confidently despite swimming the furthest route amidst a slew of Olympic medalists. Thomas also swam confidently and was in control throughout the race, swimming shoulder-to-shoulder with David Davies for most of the way, but when Thomas turned on his afterburners, David was unable to hold on. However, a late attack from the group, led by Daniel Fogg who swam a great line to the finish, made it exciting for the spectators.

Following in the Olympians and elite swimmers, 1,000 age-group, fitness and masters swimmers took off over the same course. British Gas Great Swim commentator Steve Parry said: "It was an elite race of exceptional quality, but the most important thing was to see the thousands of swimmers of all ages and abilities taking part and enjoying the day."

The result of the top 10 Women and Men:

1. Katy Whitfield (GBR) 17.39.74
2. Poliana Okimoto (BRA) 17.42.90
3. Cassie Patten (GBR) 17.48.85
4. Keri-Anne Payne (GBR) 17.50.52
5. Steffi Biller (GER) 17.58.54
6. Stephanie Rice (AUS( 17.59.37
7. Vanessa Raw (GBR) 19.15.19
8. Harriet Brettle (GBR) 19.16.67
9. Ellis Jackson (GBR) 19.22.96
10. Abbie Thorrington (GBR) 19.24.77

1. Thomas Lurz (GER) 16.24.62
2. Dan Fogg (GBR) 16.26.12
3. Dave Davies (GBR) 16.29.29
4. Petar Stoychev (BUL) 16.29.71
5. Tom Allen (GER) 16.32.35
6. Mazen Aziz (EGY) 16.34.51
7. Dave Carry (GBR) 16.47.26
8. Richard Stannard (GBR) 17.11.25
9. Scott Hathaway (GBR) 17.36.95
10. Fred Clatworthy (NZL) 17.37.43

Associated Press photo of Thomas Lurz. Photo of start from the Great London Swim website.


Julian said...

The Great London Swim was a brilliant day - I did all six waves and loved every single one of them. Looking forward to the Great Scotland Swim - only eight waves to do I think!

Steven Munatones said...

Are you telling us that you did 6 separate 1-mile swims? This has got to be some sort of world record. Can you tell us your times for each swim and the approximate time that you started each wave? We would love to do a story on your unique utilization of the Great London Swim venue and race opportunities.