Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gotta Do Rotto

The Rottnest Channel Swim will hold a free comprehensive informational seminar to help swimmers plan everything for its 19.7K challenge.

Solo swimmers, duos (teams of two) and relay teams of four are welcome to learn appropriate training programs, nutritional preparation and an achievable race plan for the 2010 WAtoday Rottnest Channel Swim held annually in February.

The new Rottnest Channel Swim Association president Ceri Writer explains, "This event is such an iconic and important part of Western Australia's calendar, and to be presiding over the 20th Anniversary of the swim is a real honour. I would urge all prospective swimmers to attend this seminar to gather as much information as possible about what to expect out there in the ocean, and how to best prepare for that."

Past and present Rottnest channel swimmers will discuss their experiences, their mistakes and their tips, which will provide invaluable information to novice swimmers of this incredible event.

The seminar will be held on August 18th at Challenge Stadium. To register, email

Photo shows 2008 Rottnest Channel solo winner Melissa Benson who won in 4:41.

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