Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The 4-Race Coppa Sicilia Series

The 4-race Coppa Sicilia is part of the F.I.N. (Italian Swimming Federation) circuit and is open to all swimmers who are members of the national swimming federation in their own country.

The race series will take place in Favignana planning with the start at the Punta Fanfalo Valtur resort. The individual races include:

6K long-distance Grand Prix F.I.N. leg on September 8th, starting at the Punta Fanfalo resort and ending at Cala Monaci.

4K medium-distance Grand Prix F.I.N. on September 9th, starting at Cala Rotonda and ending at Cala Monaci

12K very long-distance Grand Prix F.I.N. on September 11th, starting at Cala Monaci and ending at La Tonnara Lido Plaja

2.5K short-distance Grand Prix F.I.N. on September 12th, starting at Cala S. Nicola and ending at Cala Rossa

At the end of the 4-race event, individual rankings will be determined by the Italian Swimming Federation (F.I.N.). There is also a relay competition based on the times of the three best swimmers of each club.

For more information and reservation, click here or e-mail info@cocciolaviaggi.it.

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