Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ordinary People Accomplishing The Extraordinary

The Endurance Trust is a remarkable concept which the open water swimming community understands very well: ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary .

The Endurance Trust provides endurance athletes, including swimmers, the opportunity to follow their passion, make a difference in the world and race for free.

The Endurance Trust includes and welcomes ordinary individuals - with families and careers who are also dedicated endurance athletes - to satisfy their desire to push the limits of their endurance.

As Matt Nelson, founder of Endurance Trust explains, "Our athletes pursue causes larger than themselves. They have created an avenue for like-minded athletes and supporters to help change the future for some children."

"The Endurance Trust provide athletes the opportunity to raise money to a set goal. When they reach their target, the Endurance Trust pays their entire race entry fee. The Endurance Trust also provides US$500 grants to deserving young athletes in each of the six disciplines to pay for entry fees through its Endurance Kids Race Scholarship Program."

The Endurance Trust currently has a worldwide list of advisors, coaches, trainers, physicians and novice/elite athletes from Canada, USA, Chile, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, France, Italy, Lebanon and South Africa.

We believe this is an admirable and deservedly global undertaking that promises to empower athletes to provide the means to follow their passion while making a difference in the lives of children.

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