Monday, June 22, 2009

Newly Approved FINA Swimsuit List

Under the interim regulations of the Dubai Charter, FINA announced today its approval of dozens of additional swimsuit models from 20 different manufacturers. The announcement will lead to follow-up announcements by national governing bodies and some quick decisions by swimmers worldwide.

The manufacturers included Adidas, Arena, Asics, blueseventy, Descente, Diana Sport, Essenuoto, Footmark, Jaked, Kiwami, Leonian, Mizuno, Mosconi, Okeo, Orca, Aquazone, Speedo, Sports Hig, TYR and Yamamotohokosyo.

The full FINA approved swimsuit list can be seen here.

Dozens of technical swimsuits were resubmitted - with modifications - to FINA and its Swimsuit Commission after the first group of swimsuits were approved in May. According to FINA, in some cases, the manufacturers submitted explanations why the construction or material of their swimsuits does not create air trapping effects.

FINA determined that evidence of 'in use' air trapping effect is complex, requiring additional time and resources to create and implement comprehensive control mechanisms and objective test procedures to review the air trapping effects.

The approved swimsuits for the FINA World Swimming Championships in Rome from July 17th to August 2nd must be labelled and will be checked in Rome prior to competition. The rules regarding shape, use of only one swimsuit and no taping will be strictly applied and controlled in the call room before all pool swimming and open water swimming events.

We only wonder what swimsuits - and training equipment - the next generation of swimmers and coaches will employ in their pursuit of swimming better.

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