Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueseventy Awaits FINA Ruling

blueseventy issued the a press release about the highly anticipated FINA ruling on swimsuits approved for FINA competitions.

blueseventy is one of thirteen swimwear brands - and many athletes and coaches - waiting for FINA's ruling on the approved high-tech body swimsuits, but the announcement will been delayed until June 22nd.

Eleven blueseventy models - and 125 other swimsuits - were not previously approved by FINA. According to blueseventy's press release, the blueseventy swimsuits were not allowed on the basis of 'air-trapping' without any clarification of how this was being tested or measured. blueSeventy called on the technical expertise of Huub Toussaint of the University of Amsterdam to demonstrate that the suit does not trap air.

On this basis, blueseventy did not propose any alterations to its existing swimsuits. blueseventy's Dean Jackson commented: "We presented a rock-solid argument that our suits do not trap air and feel this will help convince FINA to put us back on the list of approved suits.."

blueseventy will issue an official statement following the publication of FINA's new approved swimsuit list on Monday June 22nd.

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