Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sutton Sizzling In Southern California, Getting Ready For Rome

Olympic 10K marathoner Chloe Sutton of the Mission Viejo Nadadores has been on fire this pool swimming season.

She has constantly improved her times, proving she has the speed and endurance to compete with the world's best at the upcoming 2009 World Swimming Championships, both in the pool and open water.

Chloe did a 4:09 in a mid-season 400-meter freestyle swim after training hard all week including a timed 10,000-meter swim a few days before. "I am really excited to see what I can do when I am really tapered and shaved," said a happy post-race Chloe.

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Anonymous said...

It looks as if they are wearing wetsuits?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Chloe was wearing an old TYR Rise with holes in it just to get the feel of racing in a semi fast suit. She has been wearing training suits for the past several meets.