Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rottnest Getting Ready

The Rottnest Channel Swim is the world's largest relay race held annually in Western Australia. We hear the largest single armada of boats in Australia occurs on race day. The 19K race is sometimes called off due to rough conditions, but it is also telling that the race committee is always on the lookout for other obstacles.

The latest home page status provides the following information, "Apart from serious consideration of shark movements and the obvious last-minute weather patterns, the Association is in full swing and planning to run the best-ever swim yet. A world-class risk management strategy is in place to assess any risks which may be posed to our swimmers in 2009, and this will constantly be re-assessed in the days leading up to the event, and indeed until every last swimmer is on the shore at Rottnest Island."

The history of the race began with Gerd von Dincklage-Schulenburg's 1956 crossing. Since the race started in 1991, over 16,500 people have safely crossed the Channel.

You have to greatly admire those adventurous Australians - and for the increasing number of foreigners who are finding their way to Western Australia to do the race

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