Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go South Young Man

U.S. Masters Swimming will establish a new national headquarters in Sarasota, Florida as it is experiences record growth under its relatively young and extraordinarily talented executive director Rob Butcher (shown below).

U.S. Masters Swimming hosted its first adult competitive swimming event in 1970 and is now in the forefront of open water swimming in the U.S. as it organizes an increasingly popular series of six national open water swimming championships from coast to coast.

Besides its open water swimming leadership, U.S. Masters Swimming currently has 21 national corporate sponsors and a huge base of passionate volunteers to help it grow and prosper.

"This is a significant milestone in the history of U.S. Masters Swimming," said Rob Copeland, U.S. Masters Swimming president. "For nearly 40 years, we have existed as a virtual, volunteer-run organization. Our membership has continued and is continuing to grow. We are now at nearly 50,000 members, and with the hiring of an executive director and additional staff, establishing a national headquarters is a natural evolution."

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