Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finish Line of the Atlantic Ocean Crossing Changes

Jennifer Figge, currently en route to the Caribbean, swam five hours yesterday covering 28.5 miles. She was joined for part of the swim by four dolphins. The conditions continue to be rough with yesterday's swim starting in waves between 6-9 feet and ending between 10-12 feet with the occasional 18-foot wave.

Because the swells were not as extreme as in previous days, Jennifer swam longer than normal. Jennifer’s escort boat has taken a severe beating, so the team will dock for repairs and provisions (possibly in Trinidad) before continuing on her 3,380K (2,100 miles) odyssey across the Atlantic Ocean. Her new destination is likely to be the U.S. Virgin Islands.

On January 27th, Jennifer said, 'It was a magical swim' when referring to her swim of 4 hours covering 9 miles in 82°F water about 5° south of the equator. She was joined by three pilot whales. However, at first sighting, her crew thought that first whale was a shark.

On January 22nd, Jennifer swim 3 hours covering 8.5 miles. Due to the rough conditions, Jennifer's shark cage has not been deployed, so she attaches a shark pod device to one of her legs.

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