Sunday, February 1, 2009

British Open Up a Huge Lead for 2012

With 50% of the 2008 Olympic 10K Marathon Swim medalists wearing the colors of Great Britain, the British seem to be opening up a huge lead in the build-up to the London 2012 Olympic marathon swim.

Not only has British Swimming started to devote resources to open water swimming at the junior and senior level, but a new national open water swimming facility is also scheduled to be opened in March.

blueseventy just announced the blueseventy Open Water Swim Centre, the venue for the swim leg of the first triathlon ever held in Britain in 1983. The blueseventy Open Water Swim Centre will be open from March to October and expects to be heavily used by both open water swimmers and triathletes who can train in both a well-marked 800-meter loop and a straightaway course.

Set in a 33-acre lake nestled in the rural British countryside, the Centre will offer expert coaching, personal training sessions, special women-only sessions and a focus on junior swimmers. The surrounding area in Reading includes Windsor Castle and Legoland

Dean Jackson, blueseventy's Global Sales and Marketing Manager, says, "We’re really pleased to come on board as an official sponsor. Facilities as good as this make a real difference to the thousands of people who like to swim outdoors in the UK, whether they’re training for events or simply keen to enjoy the great outdoors."

For further information and to find out the current water temperature online, go to My Sporting Times.

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silver dog said...

The lake in Reading looks cool, cannot wait for march so we can try it out