Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adventure on the High Seas

Jennifer Figge reached Chacachacare Island in Trinidad on Thursday, February 5th after taking off from the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa on January 12th. After replenishing her escort boat fuel and supplies, she will start swimming to the British Virgin Islands on the last leg of her journey starting Monday.

Photo shows Jennifer in conditions that she swam in daily ranging between 21 minutes and 8 hours depending on the conditions. She swam 19 of the 24 days she was out open Atlantic Ocean.

After she completes her swim, the captain will confirm how many total kilometers and hours she swam versus the length of time she spent on her escort boat during her adventure.

"I was never scared," said Jennifer. "Looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way." Shhe kept onboard a picture of Gertrude Ederle who was the first woman to swim the English Channel. "We have a few things in common. We both talk to the sea, and neither one of us wanted to get out."

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