Monday, February 16, 2009

3-for-3 For Britta in Viedma Pro Marathon

Britta Kamrau won the 15K FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix on February 14th in Viedma, Argentina. Britta now has 3 medals in 3 races after winning gold in Rosario and a silver in Santa Fe earlier this month.

Michael Dmitriev (shown below), an Israeli who trains in Texas, was the surprise winner on the men's side over German Alexander Studzinski and Argentinian Damian Blaum.

The race took place on the Rio Negro river with 31 swimmers (13 women and 18 men) from 9 nations competing. The river currents and leaders changed frequently as the swimmers battled constantly around six 2.5K loops in a rectangular course. It was only after the last turn buoy where the top three men and Britta finally broke away from the rest of the men's and women's packs.

Men's Medalists
1. Michael Dmitriev, Israel, 2:45.12
2. Alexander Studzinski, German, 2:45.14
3. Damian Blaum, Argentina, 2:45.37

Women's Medalists
1. Britta Kamrau, Germany, 2:57.22
2. Anna Uvarova, Russia, 2:58.48
3. Esther Nunez, Spain, 3:01.54

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