Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open Water Swimming Blogger

Watermans Applied Science interviewed the author of this blog. The Watermans Applied Science interview can be found here and starts with...The description of a juggernaut conjures up images of a huge brutish individual who is all but unstoppable due to their sheer physical size and strength. However, history has proven that some individuals are capable of overcoming any obstacle on the road to success based purely on their strength of character and willingness to push themselves to succeed at any cost. Steven Munatones is one of those people.

Born and raised in the beach culture of Southern California, Munatones is a former 25K world champion and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee who also coached the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming team at 5 world championships. He wrote the Open Water Swimming Dictionary, covered the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim for NBC and open water swimming for several publications and has participated in the sport as an athlete for over 30 years.

He has crossed channels, circumnavigated Manhattan, been surrounded by hammerhead sharks, stung by jellyfish, swum with dolphins and whales and been bitterly cold in lakes in Canada. Make no mistake; if Steven says he’s going to do it, it will get done. I caught up with Steve on his way to once again change the sport of open water swimming as we know it…

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