Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Open Water Film Tour

The Open Water Tour, produced by the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, will be coming to Washington D.C. on November 19th. For open water swimmers in the mid-Atlantic area, this will be a very enjoyable night of award-winning ocean films from the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, now in its fifth year.

Films on giant mantas and great white sharks to whales will be highlighted. The founder of the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, Michael Hanrahan, also produced a film on the THE BIG SWIM, a 26-mile relay challenge across the Santa Barbara Channel off the California coast.

"Yet another gem from the Ocean Channel...what began as a wonderful, local festival celebrating the talented ocean filmmakers surrounding Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara has grown into a truly international event, showcasing and premiering ocean-related and conservation films that (thankfully) give new meaning to the term 'shock and awe'. It is a great event. You want to go," says Mike deGruy, award-winning producer and Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK host.

Photo from the Ocean Channel of the THE BIG SWIM.

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