Friday, October 17, 2008

Putting Crocs Out of Your Mind

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame inductee and author of History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming Capt. Tim Johnson brought this unique open water swimming adventure to our attention.

An intrepid group of six individuals from various walks of life set out and accomplished an unprecedented Patsy Durack Memorial Marathon Swim in Lake Argyle in Kununurra, Australia in June 2006.

The video here provides great visuals of the swim.

Kieran Kelly (investment manager), Michael Munro (architect), Robert Johnson (property developer), Andrew Rosengren (business strategist), Jon Attwater (art dealer) and Dr. Geraldine Hunt (veterinarian), members of the Balmoral Beach Club, raised more than AUS$100,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service as part of their 61-kilometer (37.9-mile) charity swim across a wildly scenic lake in western Australia.

Lake Argyle is one of the largest man-made fresh water reservoirs in the world and is home to crocodiles. The team used a modified shark cage as a precaution, but joked about their presence during the swim.

We saw crocodiles during the swim, but we put it out of our mind. It’s not much worth chewing on us.”

Photo of Professor Geraldine Hunt by Andrew Gregory.

Video written, edited and filmed by Vicky Biorac of B Visual Media.

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