Friday, October 31, 2008

Grimsey Back on Track

After a strong summer when Trent Grimsey handily won the Waikiki Roughwater Swim and the RCP Tiburon Mile, he came up against the reality of international marathon swims when he was misdirected around one of the turn buoys during the FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup in Cancun and finished 11th after leading most of the race.

But Grimsey is back after winning the Eyeline 1000 Noosa Ocean Swim against an accomplished field. The 20th annual race has been won before by Australian greats such as Kieren Perkins, Grant Hackett and Ky Hurst. Grimsey seems comfortable picking up the Australian banner.

Grimsey won in 12 minutes 37 seconds, winning AUS$1,100. "...I haven't been too bad at the open water, so it's something I'll definitely be looking at doing more of towards the London Olympics," said the mild-mannered Grimsey.

Grimsey beat Australian under-19 Ironman champion Matt Poole (12:46) and Nick D'Arcy (12:49) in a course that is very similar to the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere, England.

The Eyeline 1000 Noosa Ocean Swim is part of a greater sporting festival with several different events that is broadcast on Australian television.

Photo from the Eyeline 1000 Noosa Ocean Swim website.

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