Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Americas at the Olympics

The 2007 Pan American Games were held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The results are shown below. The Pan Am 10K race was held 13 months before the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. From these top North and South American swimmers, who performed the best in Beijing?

On the men's side, Allan do Carmo of Brazil finished 14th, 25 seconds behind the gold medalist. Luis Escobar of Mexico (18th) and Damian Blaum of Argentina (21st) also qualified for the Olympics.

Ana Marcela Cunha of Brazil finished 5th, 9.1 seconds behind the gold medalist. Poliana Okimoto, also of Brazil, finished 7th, 9.7 seconds behind the winner. Andreina Pinto of Venezuela finished 9th, 12.3 seconds behind the winner. Imelda Martinez of Mexico (20th) and Chloe Sutton of the USA (22nd) also swam in the Olympic 10K.

1. Fran Crippen (USA) in 2:02:24.1
2. Chip Peterson (USA) in 2:02:29.2
3. Allan do Carmo (BRA) in 2:03:53.7
4. Ricardo Monastero (VEN) in 2:04:32.1
5. Philippe Dubreul (CAN) in 2:05:52.0
6. Manuel Chu (MEX) in 2:06:19.6
7. Ricardo Salas (VEN) in 2:06:22.9
8. Jarred Ballem (CAN) in 2:07:05.8
9. Marcello Soares (BRA) in 2:07:38.4
10. Damian Blaum (ARG) in 2:08:03.1
11. Luis Escobar (MEX) in 2:08:08.0
12. Kurt Niehaus (CRC) in 2:09:52.5
13. Roberto PeƱailillo (CHI) in 2:10:10.6
14. Raul Macedo (ARG) in 2:20:06.5

1. Chloe Sutton (USA) in 2:13:47.6
2. Poliana Okimoto (BRA) in 2:13:48.4
3. Tanya Hunks (CAN) in 2:13:50.5
4. Kalyn Keller (USA) in 2:14:20.9
5. Andreina Pinto (VEN) in 2:14:24.4
6. Karley Stutzel (CAN) in 2:14:37.3
7. Ana Marcela Cunha (BRA) in 2:17:12.2
8. Alejandra Galan Lopez (MEX) in 2:18:26.0
9. Mitchell Santiago (VEN) in 2:21:17.1
10. Imelda Martinez (MEX) in 2:23:52.3
11. Nataly Caldas Calle (ECU) in 2:29:24.2
12. Marianela Mendoza (ARG) in 2:35:29.8
13. Michel Tixe Cobos (ECU) in 2:47:34.2
14. Maria Jose Mailliard (CHI) in 2:47:34.6
15. Mariam Marcucci (PAN) in 2:59:54.9
16. Cindy Toscano (GUA) in 3:00:17.2
DNF Pilar Geijo (ARG)

Upper photo shows Allan do Carmo with head up in dark goggles in the middle of the open water swimming qualification race in Beijing. AP Photo by Robert F. Bukaty.

Lower photo shows Chloe Sutton winning the women's race at the 2007 Pan Am Games.

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