Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Whole Enchilada in Santa Barbara

The first-annual 10-mile Santa Barbara Pier-to-Pier Race was held along the scenic Santa Barbara coast in brisk 63.5 °F Southern Californian waters on September 21st.

Derrick Wong won the 10-miler from Goleta Pier to Stearns Wharf in 4 hours and 28 minutes with Jen Schumacher (and first women) second in 4:33 and Chip Blankenhorn third in 4:47.

Sponsored by Ocean Ducks, race director Emilio Casanueva said, "The conditions were a little rough, but the swimmers managed to make it through. We had the whole enchilada out there - solo swimmers, 2-person relays, 4-person relays, a no wetsuit division and a wetsuit division."

Leading up to the race, some of the participants had practiced with the Ocean Ducks who have been holding weekly group swims on Sunday, which has grown to over 50 swimmers during the summer months.

Photos of the race competitors and Emilio Casanueva by Ana Elisa Fuentes.


Ahelee said...

Jen Schumacher - GO NOVA!!
Next Summer... Catalina Channel

Anonymous said...

The photos were taken by Ana Elisa Fuentes a professional photographer, not Margarita del Valle for "The Whole Enchilada in Santa Barbara."

Steven Munatones said...

My sincere apologies. The change has been made.