Sunday, September 7, 2008

Russians Go 1-2 in Stari Grad - Faros

The 16K FAROS Marathon (33rd Croatian International Long Distance Swimming Championship) was held on August 30th from Stari Grad to Faros.

Russians went 1-2 in the event. That is, Vladimir Dyatchin finished first in a new record of 3:03:57 and, surprisingly, Anna Uvarova, finished second overall with a new women's record of 3:14:42.

Dyatchin got disqualified and uncharacteristically finished out of top five at the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, but he clearly is back on track with a powerfully dominant win. Dyatchin (photo above from the 2007 Tiburon Mile) will lead a strong Russian team at the upcoming Tiburon Mile in San Francisco on October 5th.

Uvarova who won the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix in July 13 in Serbia, won convincingly over Angela Maurer who placed a close fourth in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim.

The 2008 Faros Marathon video (in Croatian) can be seen here:

Top 5 results are as follows:
1. Vladimir Dyatchin, Russia, 3:03:57 (new record)
2. Rok Kerin, Slovenia, 3:18:46
3. Evgenij Pop Acev, Macedonia, 3:24:44
4. Josip Soldo, Croatia, 3:28:30
5. Daan Glorie, Netherlands, 3:31:26
1. Anna Uvarova, Russia, 3:14:42 (new record)
2. Angela Maurer, Germany, 3:23:45
3. Ekaterina Zhdanova, Russia, 3:25:53
4. Darija Pop, Montenegro, 3:30:38
5. Karla Sitic, Croatia, 3:31:31

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