Monday, September 15, 2008

European Swimmers of the Meet Honors

Edith van Dijk and Thomas Lurz won Swimmer of the Meet honors at the recently concluded 2008 European Open Water Swimming Championships in Croatia.

It was a fitting tribute to the 35-year-old van Dijk after an illustrious career dating back to 1993. van Dijk and Lurz were given an OMEGA watch. OMEGA is one of LEN's sponsors and suppliers.

van Dijk narrowly missed a medal in all three individual events (5K, 10K and 25K) finishing fourth in all three.

Lurz immeadiately left for Lake Windermere in England to participate in the Great North Swim) after winning to the 10K and 2 bronze medals in the 5K time trial and 5K team event in Croatia.

In the team standings, Italy won with 182 points followed by Russia (176), Germany (154), Spain (132), Netherlands (94) and France (69).

Photos of Edith van Dijk (with daughter) and Italy's victorious open water swimming team taken by Giorgio Scala of Deep Blue Media.

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