Saturday, August 2, 2008

Panasonic 10K Ambassador at the Olympics

Team Panasonic in Australia is the sponsor of Ky Hurst. Hurst is well-known in Australia as the only person ever to win seven Australian Ironman titles, which is a popular sport in Australia.

Panasonic has provided Hurst Panasonic’s compact and waterproof SDR-SW20 SD Card camcorder will accompany him during his training sessions in the pool and open water. On land, Hurst can use the tiny SDR-S7 camcorder to capture video clips and messages.

As a Panasonic Ambassador, Hurst is also working with the Australian Museum to promote awareness for scientific research of environmental issues. As an open water swimmer, Hurst is concerned with sustainability of the marine, reef and coastal environment. "When you spend as much time in the ocean as I do you understand the importance of the work being carried out by Australian Museum research scientists. We know so little about the world's oceans and the creatures that inhabit them and yet they are directly affected by issues such as climate change and introduced pests."

Hurst will be Australia's sole male representative competing in the inaugural Olympic 10K Marathon Swim on August 21st (9:00 am Beijing time).

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