Friday, August 1, 2008

Dancing with the 10K Stars

What do the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim athletes do when they are not training and focusing on the Olympics?

Two 10K medal favorites (see poll on left), Ky Hurst and Mark Warkentin have some interesting extracurricular activities.

Back in 2005, Ky was a contestant in Dancing with the Stars in Australia. Ky and his partner, Masha Belash, lasted until the fourth week of the show. "I have really enjoyed this experience and learning how to dance. Masha has been a great teacher and dance partner. I hope to use my new skills in ballroom dancing again soon," said Ky, as he put away his dancing shoes for his trusty swim suit.

Warkentin has a much less public hobby: he plants trees in his native Santa Barbara. “I love avocado and citrus trees. I’ve planted about 60 of them over the past few years. Planting a tree is very self-satisfying.”

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