Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Michael in the Open Water in 2012

Michael Phelps gave an interview in London where he said, "...our mindset is already focused on the next four years and what we can do to change how we prepare and try some new things and that's something I'm looking forward to now."

"I still have things that I want to do in the sport, I've never competed over here in London and I'm looking forward to really experiencing more of the city and be able to prepare myself to hopefully swim some fast times."

"I've no idea what I'm really going to do but I'm looking forward to trying some new events and swimming some events that I haven't really had the opportunity to swim since my schedule is always so crowded."

"...Bob (Bowman), my coach, is going to throw everything he has ever done coaching me out of the door and try something completely different just to see how it works. No breaststroke, no distance swimming, no open water..."

Well, perhaps Michael can be convinced to try open water in 2016.

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