Sunday, August 24, 2008

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame 2008 Class

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame also welcomed James Doty to its Class of 2008:

Doty started his athletic career in track and field. He threw the hammer and shot put at Harvard University, training with American Olympians, Hal Connolly and Al Hall.

In 1956, he finished 78th in the Boston Marathon and decided to do marathon and longer events. He started swimming with Jack Starrett, an English Channel swimmer, in 1968 and went on to swim across the length of many lakes in the state of New Hampshire. He swam on the professional marathon swimming circuit (World Professional Marathon Swimming Association) in Chicago, Hamilton in Ontario, Lac Simon in Quebec, Rhode Island and at the 24-hour La Tuque Swim and the 28-mile Chiccoutimi Swim in Quebec.

He made two English Channel attempts and re-started the Boston Light Swim on an annual basis, the previous race being held before World War II. He completed the Boston Light Swim 14 times.

In 1978, Doty incorporated the New England Marathon Swimming Association as a charity to promote swimming and study water conditions in the Boston area. In the 1980s, Doty joined the L Street Brownies Frozen Water Swim Club, started in 1902 that promotes "polar bear" swims in frozen lakes by chopping through the ice and an annual New Year's Day swim.

Through his efforts, Doty continues promoting and competing in open water swimming events in the New England area. He is the keeper of the records and archives for the area.

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