Thursday, August 14, 2008

FINA Approval of New World Cup Cities

The 2008 FINA Bureau Meeting told place in Beijing during the Olympics. Various decisions were made including the approval of 2 new National Federations: Afghanistan and British Virgin Islands. The total number of FINA Federations is now 197.

Additionally, the calendar of the 2009 FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup and the 2009 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix were approved.

This calendar includes two new World Cup events in the U.S. One in Long Beach, California and one in Manhattan, New York.

The Long Beach event is being organized by Olympic pole vault champion Bob Seagren and his event management team at International City Racing. The Manhattan event is being organized by Morty Berger and his colleagues at the Manhattan Island Foundation.

FINA also announced that 164 countries sent 1,043 pool swimmers, 50 open water swimmers, 145 divers, 104 synchronized swimmers and 260 water polo players to the Beijing Olympics.

Photo of Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,

do you know the dates and places for the WC and GP races?

Steven Munatones said...

The dates and locations of the FINA World Cup and FINA Grand Prix races are listed in the July 29th 2008 blog under PRO OPEN WATER SWIMS (

Steven Munatones said...
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Anonymous said...

I know that site. But are this the official dates? These dates were released before the meeting in bejing. So if these dates are ok, then thank you very much.
are all the races in the official calendar?

Steven Munatones said...

Yes, these are the dates that were on the approved calendar. That being said, there are occasional changes to the calendar dependent upon local situations. If there are any changes, I will post the new dates.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. You do an awesome job here