Friday, August 15, 2008

Controlled Fury in the 50 and the 10K

Just like the men's 50-meter freestyle and the 100-meter dash in track, the last 50 meters of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be moments of controlled fury. With arms flying, head down, legs pumping, eyes bulging, hearts bursting and lungs screaming for air, the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim - like the 50 freestyle and the 100 dash - will come down to the end with the crowd gasping in excitement.

Cesar Cielo Filho won the men's 50 free today in Beijing in 21.3 seconds of controlled fury. Will his victory be an inspiration for fellow Brazilian Poliana Okimoto in the women's Olympic 10K Marathon Swim who is considered to be one strong medal contender?

Will Mark Warkentin feel the similar sensation that he did in the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships when he said the final moments were a blur and he literally felt an unexpected surge forward to burst ahead of his rivals in the final few meters to qualify for the Olympics?

Whoever wins and however they win, it should be a fantastic final to watch on NBC.

Photo above of Vladimir Dyatchin just beating Thomas Lurz by 6/100ths of a second at the 2007 World Swimming Championships in Melbourne.

Photo below of Mark Warkentin ahead of his rivals by USA Swimming's Erin Greene.

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