Friday, August 8, 2008

Chloe's Corner - with President Bush and the First Lady

Chloe Sutton of the Mission Viejo Nadadores was able to meet with President Bush, the First Lady and President Bush Senior before the Opening Ceremonies. After taking pictures together, Chloe told President Bush that her father was a Colonel in the Air Force. She thanked him for being his Commander-in-Chief. President Bush then told Chloe to tell her father thank you. He asked about her event and when she told him about open water, he said "In the open water? Cool"

Chloe then walked over to the Opening Ceremonies with the U.S. basketball team. She took pictures with Kobe, Chris Paul, and Lebron were the only names she could come up with at the moment. LeBron was especially nice to her.

She watched the Opening Ceremonies and then sat near the top of the National Stadium waiting for the teams to walk in. It was hot and humid as they waited for their turn to march in.

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