Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chloe’s Corner - with her Olympic Teammates

Chloe Sutton of the Mission Viejo Nadadores was asked a series of questions prior to departing for Beijing for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim. Here are her first-person answers.

Q2. Your female teammates are a talented bunch: Dara Torres, Amanda Beard and Natalie Coughlin. Do you ever talk open water swimming with them? If so, what do they ask you? Do you think any of them could become great open water swimmers?

A2. They are all so amazing! It is totally cool when Dara, Amanda and Natalie sit around and ask questions about open water. I really didn’t expect to be asked so many questions. At the Olympic Trials, I was able to hold Dara’s daughter when she was being interviewed. I remember seeing them on TV and now I am their teammates. Amanda asks me questions like, “How does open water swimming work” and “Do you eat during the race? How do you do that? They are just like the other pool swimmers who have never seen open water swimming before. They are curious and so nice. I remember asking Natalie for her autograph and now I am her teammate.

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