Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chloe's Corner - Cool Advantages

The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim course and conditions offer Chloe Sutton Mission Viejo Nadadores a few key strategic advantages.

1. Water temperature is a relatively cool 27-27.5ºC (80-81ºF). Chloe is relatively better vs. her competition, the cooler the water is.

2. The air temperature is cooler than expected, also giving Chloe a more conductive environment to succeed.

3. Due to the possibiliity of hyperthermia, the FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee added an additional feeding station to the course. The second feeding station allows Chloe the opportunity for additional hydration opportunities which also helps her relative to her competition.

4. The course layout where the last turn buoy and the finish pad is separated by 1000 meters of clear flat water allows Chloe to use her 8:31 800-meter pool freestyle speed to her advantage.

That being said, the mantra "Expect the Unexpected" should hold true today.

It will be an exciting race tonight on USA Network and live online at NBC Olympics. USA Network is expected to televise possibly as much as 3 seven-minute segments, while the live webcast on NBC Olympics will carry the event in its entirety.

Rowdy Gaines and Craig Hummer will be doing the play-by-play for USA Network. Steven Munatones will be doing the live commentary for NBC Olympics.

Direct all questions to headcoach@10Kswim.com.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to our Open Water "Golden Girl"? Did her goggles fall off AGAIN? Isn't that suppose to happen in age group meets only? Not the Olympics...

Steven Munatones said...

No, the pace was just a bit too fast for her on this particular day according to what she told her coach.

Anonymous said...

Actually I heard she was sick with intestinal problems from being in China too long. Her goggles didn't fall off....they were ripped off when she was 14. Haha. Your body has to be 100% for that race. She wasn't 100%

Steven Munatones said...

Yes, we just confirmed from people close to her that she suddenly got sick 3 days before the event and was not close to 100% for the race. Apparently, she did not want to make this excuse (about illness) right after the race to the media.