Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Olympic 10K Marathon Swim - Course Map

The Olympic 10K Marathon Swim course was finalized by the Beijing Olympic Committee and FINA's Technical Open Water Swimming Committee.

The course can be described as follows:

A rectangular course with the long legs 1,113 meters in length and the short legs 109 meters in length. The starting pontoon and the finish touch pads are in the same area in front of the VIP seating and TV cameras.

The feeding station is floating dock on the same side as the start and finish. The dock is connected to the land so the coaches can walk back and forth watching and cheering on their swimmers on one side of the course.

The finish is nearly 1,000 meters in length from the last turn buoy so it should be an exciting final sprint down the straightaway into a narrow finish chute and towards the finish pads.

If it is windy, the swimmers will be swimming with the wind and whitecaps on the final straightaway sprint and against the wind on the opposite side.

The turn buoys will be several buoys lashed together in order to minimize the physical contact around the buoys...or as much as possible.

A detailed map of the course will be provided shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, it sounds pretty gruelling! I'll definitely be watching out for the 10k marathon swim on TV, and I'll be barracking for Natalie du Toit!

Thanks for letting me know about this great blog!

I've put a link on my Natalie du Toit Squidoo page, I hope that's cool :-)