Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Most Exclusive Club on Earth

Sally Minty-Gravett and Charlie Gravett of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club reported that Dee Richards of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club completed an epic English Channel crossing of 22 hours and 6 minutes on July 14.

Dee, 54, came ashore east of Calais harbour in France to finally cross the Channel after 3 years of waiting for a window of opportunity.

Dee left Shakespeare Beach in Dover accompanied by the escort vessel 'Anastasia' with Captain Eddie Spelling and an all-star support team consisting of solo Channel swimmers and an official observer from the Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation.

With the English Channel season well underway, the most exclusive club on earth is expecting to accept several more members over the next several weeks.

Photo of Dee Richards (left) with Sally Minty-Gravett (right) from the Jersey Evening Post.

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