Friday, January 15, 2010

Marine Life On Channel Swims

Earlier this week, Anne Cleveland announced her Double-Double Channel Swim (i.e., two-way crossing of both the English Channel and Catalina Channel). But she is also selfless in always freeing up her busy schedule as a coach and motivational speaker to help other channel swimmers realize their dreams.

Anne took great photographs of marine life during last year's Catalina Channel crossings by Nick Adams and Sakura Hingley (here).

Copyright © 2010 by World Open Water Swimming Association


Вадим Лисовой said...

Steven, where are you?

Steven Munatones said...

I am currently in Mexico and I plan to visit Cayman Islands, Brazil, Greece, England, Canada, Fiji and South Africa this year to observe open water swims, but I live in Huntington Beach, California and travel across America to report on American open water swims, too.

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