Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trailblazing Swim Leads To A New Adventure In Alaska

Claudia Rose of San Diego blazed a new aquatic trail by becoming the first person to swim across the majestic Sitka Sound in Alaska this summer.

True to her words ("I am much more interested in things people have not done"), her success has led to a new 10K swim in Sitka next August, called the Sitka Sound Adventure Race.

The creation of this new race enables cold-water swimmers to enjoy two back-to-back races now in Alaska with the more established 8.2-mile Pennock Island Challenge expected to continue its constant growth in its seventh year in August 2010.

With nature galore, the race is bound to be a success.

Like Claudia's initial 4 hour and 36 minute traverse from Kruzof Island to Halibut Point in 54˚F (12.2˚C) waters, athletes will need to be well-prepared for a tough 10K swim. But the raw, unspoiled nature of Sitka Sound and Pennock Island Challenge will be an unbeatable treat for those who dare.

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