Friday, August 28, 2009

Blazing An Open Water Trail In Alaska

A week after swimming her third Pennock Island Challenge in Alaska, 45-year-old Claudia Rose of the La Jolla Cove Swim Club and a member of Team Aquaphor, swam an unprecedented 4 hours and 36 minute swim across the Sitka Sound from Kruzof Island to Halibut Point in Alaska in the 54˚F (12.2˚C) waters.

The Catalina Channel swimmer and observer, known for helping new swimmers in the open water, is often called a marine mammal magnet for the number and types of marine wildlife that show up when she is out for a swim. She relishes on being an open water adventurer.

Her adventures include an encounter with a killer whale in the Pennock Island Challenge, but her local escort boat captain with a wealth of knowlege about the Sitka Sound told her that she might encounter bears on this particular swim. "[Bears on an open water swim] had not crossed my mind," Claudio remarked. But the bears steered clear of her path this time.

While Claudia says she is "much more interested in things people have not done," her success has now lead to talk of a new open water swim in the Sitka Sound.

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