Friday, November 20, 2009

Uplifting And Inspirational By Making A Splash

Today we had the great pleasure to listen to the absolutely fantastic Make A Splash presentation in downtown Los Angeles headlined by Cullen Jones and a Who's Who of the American Olympic pool swimming heroes lending their support.

Rowdy Gaines, John Naber, Mel Stewart and a host of influential individuals in the American aquatics world were in attendance to support a valuable cause.

The audience was enthralled and enthused about the Make A Splash program and included individuals ranging from Johnny Johnson of the Swim for Life Foundation to representatives from National Drowning Prevention Alliance and ConocoPhillips, one of the major sponsors of swimming in the USA.

We found Cullen Jones's keynote speech uplifting and emotional. We found Rowdy Gaines's emceeing lighthearted and impactful with positive messages. We found John Cruzat's delivery powerful and his words inspirational.

Each individual hit the right tone with informative messages and a call-for-action to get people involved with USA Swimming Foundation's Make A Splash program.

It is a program that should not be missed with implications and applications for the open water world.

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