Thursday, November 26, 2009

FINA Salutes Poliana Okimoto And Thomas Lurz

The November issue of FINA Aquatics World Magazine saluted Poliana Okimoto of Brazil and Thomas Lurz of Germany as the FINA 10KM Marathon Swimming World Cup championships on its front cover.

Besides the cover story, pages of detailed open water swimming coverage follow inside.

We noticed a small tattoo on the inside arm of Thomas who explained, "I have the date from my father's birthday on my left arm. I got it after his death. The tattoo [on the other arm] we did 12 years ago on our swim team for the German team championships and it means 'Together we can do it' or 'We are strong together'. For example, my brother has the same tattoo on the same place because he also was on the team at this time as a swimmer. Now he is my coach, so it still fits good together. We were a good young team then."

The brotherly team really showed they could do it together again in 2009.

Photo by Ezra Shaw of Getty Images shows Thomas competing at the 2007 World Swimming Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

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