Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mackenzie Miller Makes Molokai

19-year-old Mackenzie Miller of Kailua, Hawaii became the youngest person to successfully cross the 26-mile (42K) Molokai Channel (Kaiwi Channel) in the Hawaiian islands today.

Departing at 3 am from Molokai Island, Mackenzie enjoyed reasonable conditions until she was past halfway in the Molokai Channel. Towards the second half of her solo effort, she faced the Hawaiian trade winds towards the late afternoon, but finished in 14 hours and 45 minutes on Sandy's Beach on Oahu.

Mackenzie became the youngest person to cross the Molokai Channel, a challenging stretch of water in the middle of the Pacific. In an interesting note, her father, Michael Miller, completed the same swim in 1979.

Photos demonstrate Mackenzie as she fought the surf to complete her swim on Oahu. A post-swim interview with Mackenzie can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

MAckenzie Miller is amazing, and an inspiration to us all who have fears. You keep on swimming girl!

BreeWee said...

Yahoooooo chica! YOU are amazing... next time you have to swim with us, great to see you at the pool with Coach Steve last night, what inspiration, but SWIM WITH US! Take care and BEST of everything to you on your next adventure!! wooooohoooo!