Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thrice The Challenge - The Who's Who Of Marathon Swimming

The Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming club is an exclusive one - only 34 members - each of whom has completed the English Channel, the Catalina Channel and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

These incredible marathon swimmers include the Who's Who of Marathon Swimming:

1. Allison Streeter (UK)
2. Taranath Narayan Shenoy (India)
3. Rick Barthels (USA)
4. Bob West (USA)
5. Peter Urrea (USA) (see photo above)
6. Carol Sing (USA)
7. Nick Olmos-Lau (Mexico)
8. T. Scott Coleman (USA)
9. Rebecca Jackman (USA)
10. Kevin Murphy (UK)
11. Kathleen Wilson (USA)
12. Forrest Nelson (USA)
13. Andrew Hewitt (USA)
14. David Blanke (USA)
15. Elizabeth Fry (USA)
16. Marcia Cleveland (USA)
17. Bill Hoehn (USA)
18. Sally Minty-Gravett (Jersey Island, UK)
19. James Pittar (Australia)
20. Scott Richards (USA)
21. Andrew "Alan" Voisard (USA)
22. Tina Neil (USA)
23. Rendy Lynn Opdycke (USA)
24. Michelle Davidson (USA)
25. Michelle Macy (USA)
26. Tom Hecker (USA)
27. Erica Moffett (USA)
28. Nancy Steadman-Martin (USA)
29. Michelle Davidson (USA)
30. Michael Miller (USA)
31. Nick Adams (UK)
32. Elaine Kornbau Howley (USA)
33. Antonio Arg├╝elles (Mexico)
34. Stephen Autry (USA)


Scott "the Yesdoc" Richards said...

I'd like to give special mention to both T. Scott Coleman and James Pittar. T.Scott has insulin dependant diabetes that makes his triple amazing, and James Pittar is BLIND and did all these swims!!! Both of them are beyond amazing.
Scott Richards, MD

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