Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Open Water Questions To Be Answered In Rome

The following open water questions are answered on SwimNetwork's Open Water Wednesday with the 5K, 10K and 25K races at the 2009 World Championships just days away.

Most of the athletes are staying at the same hotel, training together in the pool and open water, just a few kilometers where they will soon be battling for medals.

1. Can Larisa Ilchenko continue her six-year streak of winning major championships??
2. What is the open water swimming course going to be like in Rome?
3. What will be the effect of the thousands of vacationers in the water?
4. What swimsuits will be worn?
5. What American men's open water swimming stars will be born in Rome?
6. What American women's open water swimming stars will be born in Rome?
7. How many countries will send teams to Rome?
8. How will the open water events be covered from Rome?
9. What will the atmosphere of the Rome World Championships be like?
10. Will there be any surprises in Rome?

Photo shows FINA Technical Open Water Swimming Committee member Shelley Taylor-Smith before the open water swimming character in Rome.

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